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Sharks Swim & Dive Team- 2018

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2018 Season Information

Swim Team -- Division 9 - 2018 Champions
Dive Team -- Division 1 - 2018 Champions

Sideburn Run Recreation Association (SRRA) hosts both swim and dive teams that teach appropriate technique, team building, and preparation for local competition with nearby community pools. Our coaches and staff run a summer program that’s fun and challenging for all levels!

(Note: Dive practices during the morning are scheduled so there is no conflict with swim practices for those who want to do both.)

The swim and dive season begins with practice on May 29 and ends with the Awards Banquet, except for those competing in All Stars the first week of August. The Lil’ Sharks begin morning practice on June 18 and have a Lollipop Meet to celebrate their first official swim across the pool. The Awards Banquet (Swim on July 28 and Dive on July 29) will be held at the pool pavilion to recognize all team members for their contributions and thank the many volunteers who make the Sideburn Run Sharks program successful. Check the team schedule and the pool calendar for more detailed information about social activities and meets.

For more information, please contact Team Rep at and

Who Can Join the Sharks

The swim and dive team is open to children of SRRA bond members and summer members. (If you would like to join the pool, click here for more information.) Generally, children aged 6 and under who can swim one length (25 meters) of the pool unassisted are accepted as swim team members. Children who are 9 and older must be able to complete two lengths (50 meters) to compete in meets. Any child 7 and under who needs assistance from the lane line to complete a pool length may be asked to swim in the Lil’ Sharks program. All interested children are encouraged to come and be evaluated.

Previous dive experience is not required; however, the child must be able to pass the pool swim test. In order to compete in the Dive “A” meet the divers must be able to perform the required dives for their age group.

Please remember that swim team is NOT swim lessons! Please feel free to discuss your child’s skill level with the Team Rep if you have any questions. Registration fees will be returned for those swimmers who cannot meet the unassisted swim requirement. Swimming lessons are available through our Shark Pup program. Private swim lessons are also available through our coaching staff for a nominal fee.

Participation Requirements

Registration will be done via Swimtopia. Participation requires a date-determined fee per swimmer/diver plus a registration fee of $25 per athlete. The maximum registration fee per family for one team (swim or dive only) is $350--regardless of how many swimmers/divers you have--plus a registration fee per athlete. The maximum combined swim and dive team fee is $400 per family plus a registration fee per athlete. Register early and save! Credit cards are accepted!

Lil' Sharks Registration Fees: The Lil' Sharks registration has been reduced to $50 plus $25 per athlete registration fee. Lil' Sharks is no longer part of the family max but a separate registration. Their time in the Lil' Sharks program does count as time on the team and is included in calculating 5 and 10 year towels!

Early (by 5/11) -- $115 + Registration Fee
On Time (5/12-6/8) -- $125 + Registration Fee
Late (6/9 on) -- $135 + Registration Fee

NEW Lil' Sharks (any time) --$50 + Registration Fee

Family Max - 1 Team (swim or dive only) -- $350+ Registration Fees
Family Max - 2 Teams (on both swim and dive) -- $400 + Registration Fees

Registration Fee -- $25 additional per athlete

Ex. Family has 4 kids. All on swim team only. Total is $350 + $100 = $450
Ex. Family has 3 kids. On both swim and dive. Total is $400 + $75 = $475.
Ex. Family has 2 kids. Register on time for dive only. Total is $230+ $50 = $280.
Ex. Family has 1 kid. Register late for swim and dive. Total is $270 + $25 = $295.
Ex. Family has 1 kid. Register early for swim. Total is $115 + $25 = $140.

Volunteer Hours: A commitment from each family to volunteer during the season is essential to make things run smoothly for the team. All skills and positive personalities are welcome! A family must volunteer at least 10 hours to assist the swim team; 8 hours to assist the dive team; or 18 hours if on both swim and dive teams.

Swim meets require a large volunteer staff of over 40 people to time, officiate, and score. We need you! Meet officials receive free certification training at NVSL Officials Clinics held each year. Please consider attending if you’re interested in any official duties (see Swim Team Volunteer Job Descriptions, Team Contacts, and the 2018 NVSL Swim Officials Clinic Schedule for additional information).

Volunteers are also needed to help set up the pool for all home meets (Saturday A Meets–generally after the Friday evening potluck; Monday B Meets–arrive at the pool by 4 pm), run the snack bar during the meet, and tear down immediately after the meet to get the pool ready for members. There are other non-meet opportunities to help the team–serving Monday morning breakfasts, signing up swimmers for B meets, and assisting with team spirit and group activities. The Team Reps can always use some extra help, too!


Communicating with parents and team members is done primarily through email and the website. Always check your email and/or follow-up with the coaches and Team Reps when in doubt. Information will also be placed in your family’s folder, which will be available on the pool deck during practice.


While competing is part of what NVSL is all about, at Sideburn Run we place equal emphasis on all parts of summer swimming and diving. Our philosophy for the season is:

Sharks, coaches and parents having fun and working hard–both individually and as part of a team–in a respectful atmosphere.

In keeping with the NVSL’s goals and standards of conduct we hope to “develop in our children a love for the sport, advanced aquatic skills, teamwork and the principles of good sportsmanship.” We ask that all families and their swimmers and divers keep this philosophy in mind throughout the season and work together in the best interests of the team.

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Pre Meet Excitement

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Getting Psyched for Relays!

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15 and Over Night

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